“I joined eXp for the different of levels income. revenue share, stock, and different opportunities and tools eXp has to offer”

“Great question. I was a high agent for Keller Williams. At one point their top agent in the world and I was presented this opportunity to look at the model. I owned a couple market centers or pieces of a couple market centers. Small portions and this was what the future was. Back when I joined we have 5 thousand agents, we are at 85 [thousand] at this point. It has literally been life changing. I’ve been with eXp for 4 and a half years and the only regret I have is that I didn’t join 7 months earlier when I originally took a look at it. It has changed my entire family’s life. From my health insurance to revenue share to my business the fact that i’m a better real estate agent because of the tools and technologies. Its just a better place.” – George Philbeck

“I joined eXp because I did my homework. I interviewed with other brokers and eXp felt like the right fit for me because I was leaving a 9-5 office job and eXp gave me that flexibility I wanted to work from anywhere. And they have great benefits.” – Melissa Johnson

“I joined eXp for the different of levels income. revenue share, stock, and different opportunities and tools eXp has to offer.” – Chuck Zepp

“I was gravitating towards the 3 revenue streams: residual income, stocks as well as a very aggressive commission structure. of course the 50 hours of education per week is very important to me being able to to network across the country and globe is also something I value.” – Ismail Kolya

“Because I got more from them than any other brokerage. I have my own boutique where I can do what I want.” – Ann Lenoir

“When I joined eXp, I didn’t know much about it. My best friend was in eXp and was like “come work with me, we need to work together” and I just kind of joined blindly. Then once I was there it was like whoa you guys have health care? You have stock options? What’s going on here? It was a nice little surprise when I walked in.” – Cindy De La rosa

“I actually just love the model, the way eXp is built out it promotes agents to collaborate and help each other. Even if you’re way at the top, the way it is built out, you still want to help the person that just started. I love that. Its the community and business model. Its the way growth is rewarded” – Carol Perry

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Agents we interviewed:

Ismail Kolya – https://www.ishyourrealtor.com/

Chuck Zepp – http://www.chuckzepp.com/

Melissa Johnson – https://melissajohnson.movetojacksonville.com/

Ann Lenoir – https://annlenoir.exprealty.com/

George Philbeck – https://georgephilbeck.exprealty.com/

Cindy De La Rosa – https://cindydelarosa.exprealty.com/

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