“I joined EXP for the attraction piece to build a long term wealth for my family. ”

I interviewed agents at the 2022 EXP Shareholder Summit home with some of the most successful real estate agents in the world. I asked them why they joined EXP. Here’s what they said. 

“I joined EXP for the flexibility, the opportunity to service more people globally, nationally. And as far as education is concerned, there are no barriers. All of the information is there for you to succeed.” - April Pernell, Realtor of 17 years. 

“I joined EXP because I wasn’t able to grow at my last brokerage and I wanted to start building a team and they didn’t have enough support for that. And I loved the stock options also. So EXP gave me great support and I have a small team now and we’re growing and I have plenty of stock.” - Danielle Palucio, Realtor of 20 years.

“What an amazing opportunity. I’m so blessed. I’ve been in real estate for 32 years. And at this point, when I was introduced to EXP and the opportunities and the professionalism and so many people trying to in helping each other and so many opportunities to grow and help the community, help yourself, help your family, help your team, and have the opportunity to work with people all over the country and the world. And it’s just an amazing opportunity. And just number one here.” - Melissa Baker Realtor of 32

“I joined EXP for the attraction piece to build a long term wealth for my family. And so it’s working out pretty good.” - Samuel Elsie, Realtor of 31 years

“I chose EXP for the Collab collaboration and the training and the ability to expand my team national and international.” - Krista Colon, Realtor of 18 years

If you’re thinking about joining eXp, give us a call or email us at growthpartners@ileadrealty.com