“Real estate agents can leverage TikTok as a marketing tool by showcasing properties with creative videos, using trending hashtags, and engaging with viewers through comments and informative content.”

By: Jerika P –  i-Lead Realty Social Media Manager

TikTok is an empowering tool for real estate agents to grow their brand and reach potential clients. Getting potential clients on social media isn’t a novel concept; however, using TikTok presents a unique and novel angle. Here are five strategies for using TikTok as a marketing tool for real estate agents:


1. Create content

Tiktok allows real estate agents to create content that provides value to their clients. Agents can provide advice on topics such as finding the right neighborhood for a family or the best home improvement ideas. Posting content about the local real estate market can also be a great way for clients to stay informed.

2. Engage with clients on a personal level

A great way to do this is by getting involved in TikTok challenges and dances. These competitions allow people to show off their local areas, including an active real estate market.

3. Use behind-the-scenes content

Showing prospective clients the processes and strategies real estate agents employ to get things done is a great marketing technique. Prospective clients will be able to see the effort and complex work agents put into their jobs, which will build trust and foster relationships.

4. Think outside the box

Video media is not only fun but also informative. TikTok offers real estate agents the chance to differentiate themselves from their competition and think outside the box. Developing creative content is also a great way to establish an agent’s brand and show their personality.

5. Make use of valuable opportunities

TikTok can help agents expand their businesses by building their reputation and developing relationships with existing and potential clients. Agents can show off their properties and services by working with influencers and engaging in live streams for a wider audience.

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