“Find out what you love and what you want to specialize with and be around the right people and mindset. – April Purnell”

Question: What is the one thing you would tell people that want to get their license in real estate? It or just became licensed?

Realtors Answers:

“I would tell them to make their goals and write down what they want to do and what they want to accomplish in the new real estate business. I’d have them to have a start up either cash or credit card for about five grand.” – Samuel Elzie

“It’s all about people and building relationships. You have to make sure if real estate is something you want to do, first of all definition of a realtor is buildings and land professional. Someone who is an expert in buildings and land. If you don’t like buildings and land, then real estate is probably not for you. Don’t just look at the big bucks.” – Danielle Paluscio

“I would say have a plan, be focused, know what your why is, because it’s your why that’s going to keep you going even when times are hard. Stay positive. Find the right broker, right mentor for you. Do not worry about the split because you want to learn, learn, learn, and get hands on and all aspects of real estate. And then find out what you love and what you want to specialize with and be around the right people and mindset.” – April Purnell

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Agents we interviewed:

Danielle Paluscio – https://www.azpremiergroup.com/

Samuel Elzie – https://www.lzhomesales.com/

April Purnell – https://purnellapril.georgiamls.com/

Christa Kohler – https://christakohler.exprealty.com/

Kat Laxague – https://katlaxague.phonesites.com/

Melissa Baker – https://melissabaker.exprealty.com/

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