Here’s a quick but valuable tip for how to identify your SOI.

I want to share a quick tip about your sphere of influence. Your SOI will come from your phone. Pull out your phone, go into your contacts, and see how many you have. That number is likely higher than the average person’s. That’s the first place to look to add people to your SOI. 

You can synchronize iCould with your phone, export your contacts into an Excel spreadsheet, and upload them into a CRM (customer relationship management program). Then you can start calling those contacts and taking notes on those conversations. Why wouldn’t you call people that already know you? If they don’t already know, you can tell them you’re now a real estate agent. 

“If you don’t have everyone in one place, you’ll lose track and be unorganized.”

It’s the same thing with your email; go to the contacts list in your email, export them to your CRM, and your CRM will let you email those contacts. Now that I have both things, every time I meet someone, I make sure to get both their phone number and email address. Every now and then I’ll resync my contacts to my database to ensure everyone’s in my CRM. If you don’t have everyone in one place, you’ll lose track and be unorganized. 

If you have questions about this or any other real estate matter, call or email me. I would love to help you.