To have your clients trust you more, you need to set boundaries.

There is a common misconception in the real estate industry that you have to do exactly what the client wants or else they won’t work with you. That just isn’t true. You need to have boundaries with your clients, so how do you create those boundaries?

Understand that not everything is urgent. Your client might call you and say that they’re going to a showing at 5:30, but you’ve already scheduled something at that time. Instead of thinking about taking care of your client, view it as managing them.

“Set the schedule and stay in control.”

Control the situation and tell them that you’ll call the seller to see what time is available, for example. Always find out if the conversation is urgent. If you find out that they’re cutting off offers at 9 p.m., that would be urgent. If the house just went on the market and they aren’t cutting off offers until three days from now, you can reasonably call your client, say that your schedule is booked at the moment, and ask to go to a showing tomorrow.

This way, you set the schedule and stay in control. If you let the client control the process, you’re going to be on a roller coaster. If you set good boundaries and stay in control, your client will respect you more and value your opinion.

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