i-Lead is an innovative, leadership-training program I made to give back.

It all began in May of 2000, when I relocated from Jackson, Mississippi, to Dallas, Texas, to start my new career. That’s when my leadership skills really took off to the next level. That training has opened so many opportunities in the course of my career, and I want to give back. My passion behind i-Lead is to help others grow their inner confidence and become good leaders.

“Openness and creativity are the qualities we want to attract to our business.”

About five years ago, I was in the gym with a pastor who was in charge of outreach ministry. His passion was helping others, and he had an organization called “I serve” to help build self-confidence in those who were helping others. I really liked that idea, so I thought about my past, what I’ve been able to do in my career, and how I brought value to others. My hope is that folks joining our company and working alongside us will grow their leadership skills. It’s crucial to listen to what’s important to the client and get to their true motivation, then lead them through the process.

One of our core values is innovation. You need to constantly change to stay relevant in today’s marketplace. That’s why we selected WeWork as our office space. WeWork is known to be a creative space, and we love that openness. Those are the qualities we want to attract to our business. I look forward to this journey with you. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our team.