How this agent went from doing 1 deal in 2021 to doing 18 deals so far in 2022!

Carranza Wade started with i-Lead Realty in January of 2022, having only done 1 deal in 2021. He has transformed his business by doing 18 deals so far in 2022. But how? How do you make that jump as a new agent? Well, Carranza did it by joining a team. This is how.

I went from doing one deal in 2021 to doing 18 deals thus far in 2022 with $6 million of revenue. Let me tell you how the team got me to where I am today.

#1 Training

We start our day with a zoom call, where we train, go over different training materials. We also talk about how these trainings will affect our closing and helping our clients get to the closing table.

#2 Leads

Our team generates leads. So we have blue leads, we have Zillow leads, we have different lead sources that come into our database and our CRM tools each and every day. And we prospect, given these leads calls and following up with them, developing relationships, and nurturing those leads. And that allows us to meet these leads, show them homes, or help them sell their homes so that we get to the closest table, whether it’s on the buyer side or the seller side.

#3 Strategies

Coming up with different strategies to assist clients. Because every real estate transactions are different, there are no two that are alike. So it will require different strategies to get the deal done or assist our clients, whether they need assistance with closing costs or they need to negotiate different things in the transaction. We bounce these ideas across each other and come up with different strategies to help our clients come up with the best outcome.

#4 Support

Every support from the team is crucial when you’re out on your own as a real estate agent, you don’t have anyone that you can pretty much bounce things off of. So being in a team environment, we’re able to be there for each other, give each other different ideas, encourage each other.

So the support that you get on the team is very helpful because someone has been through something, someone with more experience has probably been in a situation before that they can help you out with and the team lead. There’s various levels of experience that allows that’s shared amongst the team.

#5 Camaraderie

So if you’re looking to take your real estate business to the next level, you can join our team and the results are going there.

My results are personal. I went from, like I said, one deal last year to doing over 6 million in volume thus far this year and steady growing.

So if you’re looking to take your business to the next level, visit us at i-Lead Realty schedule a strategy call with us here: https://ileadlegends.com/strategy-call/

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