“Find a way of presenting content a specific way that’s YOU.”

You may have heard of the word Niche… So how do you find one? I explain all to you so you can find a niche without all the work.

See something missing in an industry

Example: Ryan Serhant

While real estate tv was popular on channels like HGTV, it hadn’t gotten to YouTube yet. Ryan saw the gap YouTube had and exploded because of it. He showed his personality, his passion and real estate media to fill that void.


Choose a specific industry and target it

Know the roles in the industry and narrow them down so you can cater to them.

Example: let’s say you’re trying to target people in real estate. Ask yourself are you targeting those on the client side or those working in the industry? And you can go further too. Am I targeting current real estate agents? Or people who are thinking of becoming one?…etc.


Make content that has your signature and run with it

Example: thebenjishow on TikTok

He does this style of video where you’re never able to guess how the joke is going to go they don’t revolve around a certain industry but the medium is the same. So you know what you’re getting when you follow him. Find a way of presenting content a specific way that’s YOU.

To see the example click here and go to 1:09

Or you can combine it all

Example: Let’s say you’re a graphic designer, you could make graphics for anyone and everyone.

The issue with this is you’re spreading yourself too thin.

What you need to do is find an industry that is behind when it comes to quality graphics and social media and target them.

So now you have found something missing, target the specific area its missing in, then you make graphics that have a style unlike others.

Maybe you use illusions in your graphics. Be creative.


“Make it unique and you have found a niche.”


I hope this helps you Find a Niche WITHOUT the Work.

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