Here’s Danny Peter’s testimonial of how i-Lead helped him succeed early.

Today we want to bring you the story of one of our valued agents, Danny Peters. Danny is an awesome teammate, and we hope you learn something from what he has to say.

“Before real estate, I was in oil and gas, and it was my job to buy and sell minerals. I always joke that now I sell stuff above the ground, while before I was selling stuff below the ground. I decided to try real estate because the oil and gas industry was in a bad spot for a bit, and my father recommended it to me. He always said I had the personality for it, and it seemed like a natural fit. 

My first few weeks at i-Lead were pretty interesting. I didn’t really understand how important cold calling was; I just thought I was going to be handed leads. That does happen sometimes, but learning how to cold call effectively was the bulk of my first week or so. Fortunately, the team rallied together to help me get the hang of it, and now, it’s a natural part of my daily routine. 

The hardest part of becoming a real estate agent for me were the periods where I didn’t close on any contracts. If you’re relying on everything going right, it’s way too easy for one thing to lead to another, and suddenly you don’t have any business for a month. Now I understand the name of the game is consistency, and that’s a big reason why cold calling is so important. Between effective cold calling and Zillow leads that come in, I’ve been able to generate consistent business for a while. 

The most stressful part was not only getting people under contract but also talking to people and generating new leads. I became familiar with a program Brooks provides us with at i-Lead called Sync. It imports leads from various sources, and when I combined that with effective cold calling, the pieces started to come together. 

“The success I’ve had here at the i-Lead team has been life-changing.”

The highlight of my career so far might have been my first transaction. I got the lead from a cold call, and my client ended up buying a $1.7 million house in the suburbs. That early success has been a big motivator for me to keep working hard. I’ve come close to beating that transaction a few times, but it still stands as the transaction to beat. 

The success I’ve had here at the i-Lead team has been life-changing. Soon, I plan on buying a home for my fiance and myself to live in, and I’m saving up money to take the both of us on a great vacation. This is the type of success that motivates me to put in the work every day.” 

We’d like to thank Danny once again for taking the time to tell us his story. If you have questions about his story or anything else, please reach out to us via phone or email. We are always willing to help.