“Be better than you were yesterday.”

Do you truly want to make a difference? Do you truly want to be innovative? What does that mean? Tell me your problems. Trust me. Give me your problems. I want to solve them because I want to make a difference.

Core values are key to a business.

Our core value values are adventure, making a difference, innovation, and excellence.

On our team call, I asked: Out of our core values, which one they connect with most.

Four core values that I listed in the chat, which one do you most identify with?

And the majority says making a difference.

Making a difference to me is being better than you were the day before. Through knowledge, through practice, through counsel, through all these different ways that you’re going to test your ideas to see if they actually work or to improve on ones that, you know, work to make it better. It’s making a difference. Adding value. Be better than you were yesterday.

Every day we talk to folks that are looking to buy or sell real estate. And the first question we have is, what problem are you looking to solve? At the i-Lead Realty group. We operate as a team. We’re consultants, we’re advisors, and that’s how we solve problems. No one is expected to have all the answers, but as a team, we can pose questions and we can get different perspectives. And that’s how we collaborate and how we lead our clients to success in problem solving.

Every week we have team meetings. And at these team meetings, our goal is to inspire, motivate, counsel, and assist our team to grow, which provides better service and closes more deals. Well, I’d like to invite you to our next team meeting.