“only use clickbait if its relevant to the video or if you provide the answer in the video”


Should I do an intro? Should I buy a bunch of equipment? Do I do Clickbait?

There are a lot of questions people have about youtube. Watch our Youtube video or read below:

9 Rapid fire questions with a YouTube Expert


Q: Should you do an intro?

A: Only if it’s telling the audience what they’ll get in the video in under 10 seconds


Q: How long should a video be?

A: Less than 5 minutes. Check out last week’s video or to find out why here


Q: Should I buy a bunch of equipment?

A: No, use your phone and things around you like natural light as lighting, set your phone up securely on books instead of a tripod. It’s not worth the money unless you’re really really into it


Q: Clickbait: yes or no

A: A little exaggeration is fine but outside from that only use clickbait if its relevant to the video or if you provide the answer in the video


Q: Just posting a video of a podcast episode: yes or no

A: No, I don’t think you should re-utilize other content for video, you should re-utilize video content. I say this cause video content is more engaging and re-utilized compared to let’s say a podcast or zoom interview re-utilized for a video.


Q: Do I need a Niche?

A: Yes, because in order for a viewer to subscribe they want to know what they get from you. That could be something like a channel for real estate agent tips, home tours in your city, real estate skits, real estate social media, and real estate lifestyle. IF your videos are all over the place, they won’t subscribe cause your videos are too scattered for that specific type of viewer to be catered to.


Q: Would you rather have 1 video that goes viral and gets 1 mill views or every video get 10k views regularly

A: Steady Views. If you go viral, there’s a risk of becoming a one-hit-wonder. Or you get subscribers that don’t actually align with your content, so it hurts you in the long run. I think it’s better to build a community that really loves your content


Q: Post 1 really good video a month or 1 half as good video a week

A: That’s really hard cause consistency and putting out lots of content is crucial for success but putting out your best work is another key to success for video, so it depends on your goals

I think focus on 1 really good video/ month then optimize the process till you get it done quicker so 1 video a month turns to 2/month… eventually to 1 a week without compromising quality.


Q: What’s a good goal to have?

A: Whatever inspires you to reach it


I hope this helps answer some common questions about YouTube. Ask us any questions you have and we’ll answer.

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