“Tiktok is the best platform for exposure right now and there’s not a ton of real estate agents on it so find your thing.”

1. Not being on Tiktok

Less than 1% of Real estate agents are on Tiktok and promoting their services. This is a huge gap. Take this opportunity to reach people like never before with Tiktok’s amazing organic reach WITHOUT having to pay money.

2. You private or delete videos that don’t do well.

Tiktok doesn’t like this cause you’re taking content away from them. Content that could keep someone on the app. I know it’s hard to stare at a bunch of videos that didn’t do how you’d like but making them private or deleting them hurts your future content cause TikTok might shadow ban you. OF course don’t get worried about this if you want to private one or two but don’t private poor performing videos, it could be they will have a delayed exposure.

You need to utilize these but how do you use them? Watch TikToks, see how they are done. See how they are applied to other niches and then translate it to real estate.

4. You only do home tours

While home tours are great and can do really well, most everyone will just do TikTok home tours and unless you want to make that your THING, try and find something else that can draw in people for YOU, and make them see your face.

“You want people to want to watch your content for YOU, not a house”

5. Lighting isn’t good

Go in front of a window, turn on a light. Do something so your video is low light and low quality. TikTok prioritizes videos that look to a certain degree. Now don’t feel you need to get a fancy camera to shoot TikToks, TikTok is for the causal video and viewer meaning your phone is just fine. Just turn on some lights.

5. You’re Making Long Videos

Tiktok is all about short content. If you want to do long form content, post it on YouTube and then cut that video up into smaller TikToks where if people want to watch more they can go to your YouTube. You can reuse the content, just optimize it for the app. Until you have the following that will support a long video on TikTok shorter is better

“With Tiktok, short videos are better”

Those are the 6 Tiktok MISTAKES Real Estate Agents Are Making. Tiktok is the best platform for exposure right now and there’s not a ton of real estate agents on it so find your thing. Find your niche in real estate and keep posting and you’ll find your audience.

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