“YouTube sees viewers watching more of your videos which tells YouTube to push your videos out more because it keeps people on YouTube.”


These 5 YouTube Hacks you need to know will all of these add up to keep view’s retention. YouTube will notice this.

It sees viewers watching more of your videos, tells YouTube to push your videos out more because it keeps people on YouTube.


Time codes

Are important they build anticipation and help you see what areas you are drawing out or taking too long. When the audience sees several short sections, they know their time will be worth it because they see how fast-paced it is and all the value to watch all the video is shown through these time codes.



Keep the audience watching.

Put related content as cards on your new video.

Make them continue the rabbit hole of your content.

You can even mention another video and point to the corner where a card pops out. Making it interactive.


Playlists. Another way to lead viewers to another video. Make playlists of videos that relate



2 ways of doing this.

1. Show your BEST video that truly represents you and your content

2. Make a video for the feature. Tell the audience what your content is and who you are. Make this a fast-paced video


Featured playlist show the types of content you make

this combines the playlist and feature and make your channel look like Netflix.

Different genres of your content users can scroll through and choose one they like


Why do these small things?

Putting cards or a playlist doesn’t let your content fight for a spot on the sidebar.

When you are watching a video on a playlist, the playlist takes space to the right.

SHOWCASING your content and enticing them to keep watching.


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