“Your next post could be the one to go viral”

Trying to grow your Real Estate Business on TikTok? Here’s how


Combine a trending sound, trending events, trending people, and trending effects all into one. This can make your TikToks have layers and get more exposure.

2. Use hashtags wisely

Make sure the hashtags you use accurately reflect your content, so TikTok shows your video to the right audience. Don’t always do the biggest hashtags because you want to find the niche people that will love your content, not the random average person that won’t care about it.

Ask yourself

“Who will love your content?”

3. Keep your video short

The shorter, the better. Tiktok wants people to stay on the app which is why watch time is the most important. So, if you have a shorter video, people are less likely to scroll past without seeing the whole thing. This is also good cause if they open the comments or stop paying attention for a moment, it will replay and TikTok will notice that people watch it multiple times even if unintentional, and promote it to more people.

4. Patience

Right now specifically it is taking longer for videos to start getting views. And sometimes you miss and that’s okay. You just have to keep posting. Keep making content you’re proud of and it will take off. Think of it like this: your next post could be THE one. So don’t stop posting.

“Your next post could be the one to go viral”


5. Utilize the interest in real estate to your advantage.

Real estate is a career a lot of people have an interest. So, capitalize on that. Showcase the truth of the career, teach how to get started, and make fun content about it. The interest is there. You just need to capture it.

Remember to keep posting, be curious and be authentic.

That’s it! Those are the 5 Steps to Crafting a Viral TikTok as a Real Estate Agent

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