“Make it a valuable video for the viewer to watch. ”

I find in real estate content, we are presenting information that isn’t easily consumable. Today I’m going to give you 3 ways to Make your Real estate Videos More Interesting

Users are bored with the long videos that don’t engage them. This is why we have to change. A change to make our videos more interesting.

I see so many videos where the agent is just sitting there talking. A lecture almost. While sometimes a straightforward approach is great for getting off important information

You need to ask yourself

How do you optimize videos for platforms like TikTok where the attention rate of viewers is so low that you NEED to make it interesting in order for them to watch it.

So. How to Make Interesting Content as a Real Estate Agent?

Here are 3 things to try

1. Attach it to a trending song/audio

See here in this example. I wanted to talk about Growing your social media as a Real Estate Agent but making it more entertaining with something the viewer will recognize. A trending song.


2. Movement

Don’t just sit and talk, have b-roll or stock photo and video mix it up

When a video is just one shot of you talking, viewers will be more inclined to scroll. Make your videos have movement.


3. Add a Hook

Make it a valuable video for the viewer to watch. Make a question viewers can’t help but want to hear the answer. Make it the start of the video. Don’t lie in your hook but make them hungry to learn the answer


Here are some examples

“I wish I knew this before becoming a real estate agent.”

“Don’t make these mistakes your first year in real estate”

“3 things you need to know before you sell your house”


Now let’s add these all together

I am using a trending song, adding lots of movement and hooking the viewer in.

Use these tips to elevate your content. and make your content more interesting


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That’s it for our post on “3 Ways to Make your Real estate Videos More Interesting” Hope it helped you.


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